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Technical Translation
Technical translation is a type of specialized translation involving...
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Financial Translation
Covering all Asian and major European languages ...
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Marketing Translation
A marketing message should be sharp, and communicate a clear...
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Medical Translation
Medical translation is a highly specialised discipline and...
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Patent translation
LocaTran Translations provides precise, accurate translations...
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Software Localization
LocaTran Translations helps our clients increase revenues...
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Website Localization
Website localization involves the translation and localization of...
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Relying on Top-notch Transcription Service We...
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Proofreading, editing and translation review: treat your written texts...
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Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) combines a personal...
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About LocaTran
About LocaTran
LocaTran Translations, founded in June 2004, is a professional translation and localization service provider with a corporate office in Shanghai, China. We offer a strong commitment to customer service, accuracy and reliability, and are backed by more than ten years of professional experience in the translation and management of important projects. All translations are performed by native speakers of the target language, and are reviewed for accuracy and style by a second language professional specialized in the given subject.
Industry Solutions
Automation and Manufacturing
The automation and manufacturing industries produce sophisticated high-tech equipment that requires...
IT and Software
Striving to improve customer experience and building strong brand loyalty is a constant challenge...
Electronics and Telecommunications
Electronics and telecommunications are among the most competitive...
Finance and Legal
To attract new customers and retain customer loyalty, organizations around the world must meet the...
In today's truly global automobile industry, ever-growing demands for improved durability, higher...
Business Management & Intelligence
With the increasing complexity of today's business processes...
Education & e-Learning
International staff, customers and partners prefer to be trained in their local languages with...
Life Sciences
Accuracy of information and strict compliance with industry regulations ...
Specialty fields
Technology & Engineering
Manufacturing & Automotive
Computers, Software & IT - manuals, on-line help
Telecommunications, Electronics and Electricals
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Legal & Contracts
Business & Commerce
E-Learning & Training materials
Our advantages
We do not work with incompetent translators. Our staff includes only professional people who have years of experience and know their craft.
We work hard to serve each client's requirements to meet assigned deadlines for each project.
We optimize our work process to ensure that the product you receive from us is high-quality at a competitive price.
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